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spring rolls November 18, 2008

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This is a simple, quick and delicious snack!


1. Cabbage – 1/2 (Shred)

2. Carrots – 3 (grate)

3. Capsicum – 1 (Cut them really small)

4. Soy sauce – 3 tsps

5. pepper -1/2 tsp

6. salt – to taste

7. Ginger garlic – you can use paste or you can use them individually.

7. Spring roll sheets – 10 (I used store bought packet)


1.  In a sauce pan add 1 tsp oil, ginger garlic paste, shredded cabbage,  carrots, and capsicum. Saute for around 5 minutes.

2. Now add salt, soy sauce and saute for another 5 minutes. (*Don’t cover with a lid*)

3. Now take the spring roll sheets (They are really fragile so be careful handling them). Follow the instructions on the back of the pack.

4. You can either fry or bake them. If you are baking them make sure you bake at 350 F

Tip: If your are frying in oil, then before frying make sure  you glue it with a drop of oil on edge of the folding. So that the wrapping doesn’t open up.

5. Enjoy them with Maggi ketchup or any sauce of your choice.


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