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Paneer tikkas December 2, 2008

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A perfect snack for Cold winter evenings! If you have a masala chai to go with this then for sure its heaven.


1. Paneer- Cubes – 10 (Soak paneer in lemon juice for 5 minutes)

2. Capsicum – 1 slice around 10 pieces.

(** u can use onions if u want**)

3. Lemon juice- 2 tbs

4. pepper- just to garnish.


1. Cut the paneer and capsicum into cubes.

2. In a pan fry the paneer and capsicum till they are 80% done. (* sprinkle salt to soft the capsicum)

3. Once the are soft sprinkle lemon juice and pepper on it.

4. Serve them hot with hot masala chai/ coffee.


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