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Rava idli July 23, 2009

No time to soak the urad dal overnight grind it and wait for it to ferment and all. Then here is a simple and quick way to enjoy smooth and fluffy idlis without that ordeal. The fun in making Rava idli is its almost as easy and delicious as Upma . The recipe is exactly same as making upma but you add curd to it instead of water and steam them (This part makes them taste a bit different to upma).



1. Sooji/semolina/rava –  2 cups

2. Green chillies- 4 (depending on spice level adjust and chop very finely)

3.  Ginger – 1/4 inch( finely chopped)

4. curry leaves- 5

5. Oil- 1 tbs

6.  Curd/ yogurt – nicely beaten – 1 cup add little water if necessary.

8. Salt – 1 tbs

9. coriander – to garnish


1. Mustard sees – 1 tbs

2. Urad dal/ minappapu – 1 tbs

3. sanaga pappu/ chana dal – 1 tbs

4. hing – 1 small  pinch


1. In a pan add 1 tbs oil, hing, sanaga pappu/ chana dal, Urad dal/ minappapu and let them turn light brown. Now add mustard seeds and let them splutter. Finally add curry leaves and ginger.

2. Now add the semolina/sooji/rava and roast for couple of minutes. Don’t let it burn.

3. Now let the mixture cool for a while. Say for 5-7 minutes.

4. Now add the beaten curd to this mixture and make it into a pouring batter.

5. Now take an idli plate rub some oil on the round imprints  to make the idli come out easily. Just to garnish add small pieces of coriander ( or any vegetable u like) and then pour the batter just upto the brim.

6.  Take a pressure cooker add 2 cups water and keep it on stove on medium low .

7.  Stack the idli patra and keep it carefully into the pressure cooker and cover it with a lid and with out whistle . (keep it on medium – high)

8. Wait for about 15minutes and switch off the stove. ( or the steam from the cooker stops if you had right amount of water into the cooker)

9. Serve with hot sambar or palli chutney